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Automatic Optical Inspection System - Posis


Best technologies and best systems!

Optical systems including high-speed cameras,

high-speed processing and electronic control technologies

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Posis manufactures and sells high-speed and high-precision surface inspection systems that automatically check surface conditions in order to maintain the high quality of diverse types of materials.

Posis contributes to improving the quality of materials through visual inspections of material surfaces.

We are a leading Korean company in the field of surface inspection technologies, and our superior Korean technologies are competitive in the global market.

Various types of defects on wide and thin shaped materials used for various types of displays that are presently popular can cause major problems for material suppliers as they may cause major quality issues in final products.

The early detection of material defects is critical to improving the quality of the manufacturing industry.

The superiority of Posis has been proven, as our products have already been widely accepted by major material suppliers.

We will never stop working for the continuous development of new technologies.
Thank you.

Chaeheon Lee,
President, Posis Co., Ltd