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Packaging inspection system

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The sanitation and quality of the packaging material that is in direct contact with food can be maintained by inspecting for various types of bugs and foreign substances.
It is hard to meet production requirements with a simple visual inspection because most packaging materials are manufactured automatically and in large quantities.
Also, any micro hole in the products that requires vacuum packing may spoil the contents. The system inspects these types of packaging materials at high speed in order to maintain the required quality.


  • • Provides superior detection performance through various optical technologies
  • • Enables convenient lot management (data such as inspection roll length / inspection duration /
    worker / defect type can be saved and checked later.)
  • • Maintains inspection precision while product feeding speed changes
  • • Utilizes results through various communication channels
  • • Saves and prints all images of defects
  • • Performs defect trend analysis and generates statistical reports
  • • Generates various types of defect detection reports
  • • Displays defect distribution in real time
  • • Displays defects in multiple ways, such as with alarm/buzzer/labeler/marking device
  • • Automatically screens out defective products during individual product feeding


Vision systemCameraLensIllumination
4K, 6K, 8K Linescan 35mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm LED, Hologen, High frequency FL
Inspection targets Packing paper, packing film, sanitized paper, processed paper, printed paper
Product types roll to roll or sheet
Product specification Width of product, feeding speed
Defect types Bubble, foreign substance, scrap of thread, pinhole, stain, scratch

Example system configuration