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Automatic Optical Inspection System - Posis

Software technologies

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Optical systems including high-speed cameras,

high-speed processing and electronic control technologies

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Segment processing & labeling technology

  • • Capable of high speed (real-time) processing

Various methods of signal analysis

  • • Identification and classification of defects using signal and pattern analysis
  • • Accurate assessments of defect sizes

Minimum false calls through accurate identification

  • • Improve manufacturing yields and minimize undetected defects

Real-time processing and result display (sheet)(Sheet)

Real-time processing and result display (web)

User-specific inspection conditions to meet requirements for each customer and product

  • • Inspection area settings
  • • Sensitivity settings
  • • Defect size settings for various types of defects
  • • Weight factor settings for various types of defects
  • • Saves and prints all defect images
  • • Performs defect trend analysis and generate statistical data
  • • Extracts and prints defect information by slit
  • • Exports results to Excel format
  • • Displays defect distribution in real time
  • • Displays results in multiple ways